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3 reasons why you need to book a boudoir.

• You deserve to be celebrated.
• It is an expression of self-love.
• It is SO f*ing EMPOWERING.


Omaha & Metro area.

Whether at my studio, or in your own home - I am here for it.

I’ll be sure to help you plan and capture those bombshell moments for you, your significant other, or whoever/whatever you told yourself this session was for.

"A woman that does not require validation from anyone is the strongest woman on the planet."

• a wise woman
Stephanie Smith

Hello gorgeous; I am Stephanie

I am a mom, a business owner, a daughter, a freind, a lover; but most importantly I AM A WOMAN. Just a simple woman who loves empowering other women. I use the F word way too much. I am a lover of music && concerts, anything I can vibe to. Matching energy and creating comfort for all around me. Photography is my passion, & the dark side of the moon is my soul.

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